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I'm pretty sure none of the players here knows how to drive a chariot either.
Wanna bet? :smirk

If anything, if there are turrets, it means there are no factories churning out reinforcements.
You've never played an RTS have you?

Basic design strategy is you bury your primary outpost behind your defenses, and as you branch out you can start using more and more defensive measures until the area is secured then you simply rebuild those defensive protections into supply generators.

For example, a planetoid can only support six bases could be built in a more defensive design. You build four turrets space around the equator, and two factories at the north and south poles. Approaching from any direction still allows three turrets to fire making it damn near impossible for anything other than micro-infantry to attack and it produces two mechs per week to combat those.

And those will sit towards the outer ring of controller territory. Moving inwards, onto a moon-sized planetoid, 1,460 bases can be built and you technically only need two turrets to defend it anyway since one is enough to blow anything 20th level out of the water. But let's go ahead and allocate 10% of the space to defenses, then out of the remaining split half that to real, then out of the remaining near-quarter split that up into super-level. That moon produces 34,164 real robots, 9,855 super robots, 4,927 arcane robots, and 4,927 divine robots per year and from any given direction 73 turrets can fire at approaching targets. Round some digits for bunkers to store overstock as needed and there ya go. Of course a more styled zerger may just stick to one turret, because that's all that is needed, and build a single factory next to it while dashing across the known space as a land grab.

Population generators, you know where baby pilots come from, may sit even further in your defended zone. But as the need for 146 turret defenses reduces to roughly half that (I personally never scrap all of my defenses), they can simply move to that moon.
The Playground / Re: Letter swap game v7
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l -> f
magical girl prestige class from the most humorous "portable hole full of beer" third party pdf. (loosely derived from the pic used as avatar)
I suggest Klatuu's method. You may also want to prevent the reactions of heavy elements like plutonium and uranium, as well as explosives such as gunpowder and nitro, not to mention other high explosives.

You could have magical theory and magical physics supplant certain chemical and atomic interactions within the area in which mana is dominant.

I recall reading a story of an intragalactic civilization where it had been discovered that the laws of the universe were variable, depending on where one was. This necessitated having multiple types of ship drives mana-based, psi-based, tech-based, and a few more odd ones for those pockets of the galaxy where really different laws worked (such as renting and harnessing space-whales to the starship in a region where only biological entities could move through space). As they traveled through the galaxy, they had to switch from drive system to drive system based on the local laws of physics.
Uncle Kittie's Spuriously Designed Prestige Classes / Re: Feedback thread
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Until I add stuff thats prolly it for this thread then.  The Primordials are nowhere near ready.  Shall we move on to my remakes thread?
roll dmg for slave spirits
Rolled 1d20+7 : 20 + 7, total 27

Rolled 1d20+7 : 11 + 7, total 18

Rolled 1d20+7 : 19 + 7, total 26

Rolled 1d20+7 : 5 + 7, total 12

Rolled 1d20+7 : 2 + 7, total 9

Rolled 1d20+7 : 6 + 7, total 13

Rolled 1d20+7 : 7 + 7, total 14
While not taking a position in this, wouldn't factories be their own base and so not benefit from fortifications? They'd be more vulnerable than a base with turrets. The way it is currently set it seems you cannot make a fortified factory even if you spend two "base" abilities on a single base area (since all such areas can only support a single base).
The Playground / Re: Letter swap game v7
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If the turret is not at the center of the base, it also means you can go around the perimeter and have an easier time getting into its blind spot.

Speaking of zerg, einst can just burrow below.

There's also the Guardian and Predict feat which means as long as you can endure a few hits, you soon become virtually immune to multiple turrets without need of any more actions.

Yes, there could be more enemies lurking in, but that's not a problem specific to the turrets. If anything, if there are turrets, it means there are no factories churning out reinforcements.
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