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Off Topic Fun / Re: Videogame Discussion III - Snake Eater
« Last post by Jackinthegreen on Today at 02:35:24 PM »
Got all three Mass Effects for something like $15.  2 was free through Origin for a month, then I waited until I could get 1 and 3 at discounts.

Took me roughly 10 download and install tries to actually get Mass Effect 1 working.  The first time I downloaded it, it installed, and then it said I still needed to install so I installed again and it still kept saying I needed to install so I tried some other things here and there and what eventually got it working was changing the install directory and running Origin in both XP SP3 compatibility mode and admin mode too.

So far it's been nice to play, though there are definitely graphics and voice/dialog oddities that have me scratching my head.  Took a bit to get started with combat because I'm not used to squad-based stuff and I'm wondering if it might just be better to have me be the frontliner while my team is support.
The Playground / Re: Letter swap game v8
« Last post by Chemus on Today at 10:26:44 AM »

l -> c
The Playground / Re: Letter swap game v8
« Last post by RobbyPants on Today at 08:34:16 AM »

Be a Life Cleric 1/ Lore Bard x and take Aura of Vitality at Bard 6.  Now you are a great skill monkey and healer.

With Guidance + Jack of all trades you should be fine on skills.  Throw in some warlock for blastiness.
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Power's Tier List for Pathfinder
« Last post by Power on Today at 01:52:30 AM »
If you play a Rebirth discipline occultist and prestige into Veiled Illusionist and Pathfinder Savant (esp. with the new Prestigious Caster feat) and/or play a Samsaran Psychic with Mystic Past Life he's a rather powerful spellcaster, but his own spell list is rather bad yes. I think you can also make it work with the Shadow discipline if you put Preferred Spell feats on the shadow domain powers so you can use the more than once per day (and freely put Tenebrous Spell metamagic on them) and run it as a shadowcaster, but Rebirth discipline is by far the best for rounding out the Psychic's spells.

As for the Id Bloodrager, psychic spellcasting is more of a drawback than boon to bloodrager casting. Now the bloodrager has to deal with +10 to concentration DCs unless he centers himself and if he is ever under any emotion descriptor ability (like someone just rolling the intimidate skill on the bloodrager), he can't cast at all. Unless you're taking the Pride emotional focus and cheesing your attack rolls so they never miss, psychic spellcasting is much more of a weakness than benefit for bloodragers. The two big perks I see are the ability to run through walls and collecting DR. But the DR looks more impressive than it is, since DR/slashing and DR/magic are very easily overcome, and the standard Invulnerable Rager Barbarian typically has it much better. Ultimately the only truly special perk I see is running through walls, which is not enough to elevate it to a T3 in my book, and in general a party can just get a pickaxe if you want to dig through walls.

The only 4th level caster (Medium does not count, since it is a 6th level caster with the spellcasting spirits) that might be a T3 is a Sacred Servant Paladin with Oath of Vengeance (which converts the Sacred Servant's extra lay on hands into more smite evil to cover for the reduced progression) and even then it depends on a decent domain and good use of the planar ally (adding UMD and Unsanctioned Knowledge helps a lot too). If you're on a save-the-world quest a Sacred Servant becomes much more powerful since you should be able to recruit planar allies for free. But this still feels somewhat like one of those cases where a more skilled player is able to get a class to shift up a tier rather than lending itself to a higher tier by default.
Also popped up a lot, by one (unnamed) of the tedious Monk Versus thread(s) arguers ; luckily just BG era.
Those types of arguments really held things people back as well. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaar to much bitching about who's favorite class could beat who and trying to argue a just how many ways your measurement method should be allowed to bend instead of something useful. Like a Barbarian buying a Wand of Waithstrike because without Shock Trooper his Power Attack's accuracy is pretty abysmal and suddenly you may have made a noncharger Barb actually relevant on the table top.
The Playground / Re: Letter swap game v8
« Last post by FireInTheSky on Yesterday at 11:50:36 PM »

Min/Max 3.x / Re: Fun Finds v7.0 - Now with +15% more reposts!
« Last post by Thurbane on Yesterday at 11:11:06 PM »
Ghostwalk states that Undead can use Charisma to determine the duration of their Rage:

Quote from: Ghostwalk p.155
Barbarian: There are not many barbarians among the undead, but gangs of barbarian ghouls and ghasts are used as shock troops by the more powerful lords of Xaphan. A raging undead barbarian does not gain an increase in Constitution (or anything dependent upon Constitution such as hit points or Fortitude saves) but uses its normal Charisma modifier instead of its Constitution modifier to determine how long a rage lasts. Because undead are immune to fatigue, an undead barbarian is not penalized when a rage ends.

...also, less obscure:

Quote from: Monster Manual p.293
Charisma: A creature’s Charisma modifier affects the save DC for any spell-like abilities it has. Use Charisma for anything pitting the creature’s will against an opponent, such as gaze attacks, charms, compulsions, and energy drain effects. Also use Charisma for any DC that normally would be based on an ability score the creature does not have. For example, undead have no Constitution score, so any poison attack an undead creature has would use Charisma to determine the save DC.


And it states it must happen within 1 minute of the corpse having died, so you have almost a full minute to haphazardly tear a heart out of a chest; a fairly easy thing when you think of it as almost 10 entire rounds worth of actions.

Heartripper or Clutch of Orcus should seriously reduce the removal time.  ;)
[D&D 4E] FR: Scales of War / Re: Accross the Table (OOC Discussion) [Part 2]
« Last post by Inspectre on Yesterday at 07:50:02 PM »
Oh, I know - but with Venn's comment about "killing blow" it just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up to declare we're all dead.  :lmao
But, so what you're saying is . . . we're going to wish we were dead in the next encounter now since we failed, right?  :lol
Init check 1d20-1 : 19 - 1, total 18
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