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« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 12:14:21 PM »
In a fit of silliness, I decided to try statting Ika Musume.

Anthropomorphic squid was my first thought... then I realised I'd have to apply amphibious so she could breathe on land. Then I noticed that only giant octopi/squid get separate tentacle attacks, but anthro giant squids are Large. So dungeonbred has to go in there somewhere.

Plus, two of an anthropomorphic animal's limbs become legs, so she would end up with eight tentacles. And that's just not right. It's questionable whether you can graft arms on to a squid then apply the template.

Quote from: Ika Musume, lv6
AmphibiousSW AnthropomorphicSS DungeonbredDung Giant squid (+1 LA bought off) 3/Psychic warrior 2/Fighter 1
Feats: Extended Reach, Greater Multigrab, Illithid Grapple x2, Multigrab
Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes, Illithid Heritage, Illithid Skin
Flaws: Shaky, Vulnerable
Powers (2): Expansion, My light
PP: 1 + bonus PP
Quote from: Ika Musume, lv9
AmphibiousSW AnthropomorphicSS DungeonbredDung Giant squid (+1 LA bought off) 3/Psychic warrior 2/Fighter 1/Psion 3/Swordsage 2/Crusader 1
Feats: Aberration Blood (flexible limbs), Extended Reach, Inhuman Reach, Greater Multigrab, Illithid Skin, Multigrab
Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes, Illithid Grapple x2, Illithid Heritage
Flaws: Shaky, Vulnerable
Powers (psion - 7): Animal affinity, Catfall, Float, Psionic grease, Psionic levitate, Reach, Vigor
Powers (psychic warrior - 2): Expansion, My light
PP: 12 + bonus PP
Maneuvers (Swordsage - 6+1): Blistering Flourish, Emerald Razor, Mighty Throw, Rabid Wolf Strike, Sudden Leap, Wolf Fang Strike, Roots of the Mountain (Stance)
Maneuvers (Crusader - 5+1): Bolstering Voice, Mountain Hammer, Revitalising Strike, Vanguard Strike, White Raven Tactics, Thicket of Blades (Stance)
Have a permanencied extend tentacles cast on yourself. Lv6 Ika's reach is 20ft, and the lv9 version has 25ft. Manifesting expansion provides +10ft, while reach gives +5ft.
Thicket of Blades represents Ika with all her tentacles out, Roots of the Mountain is when she increases her weight.

If retraining is allowed, swap out Illithid Skin for Practiced Manifester (psychic warrior). The Illithid feats will continue to provide each others' prerequisites.

Chizuru is obviously an epic level half-fiend gestalt warblade/barbarian.