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Re: Prime32's thread of stuff
« Topic Start: November 12, 2011, 07:52:27 PM »
Base Classes

Arlock (ardent/warlock hybrid)
Chozo Warrior (warlock/DFA-like)
Everything Gestalt (all the tier 5-6 classes combined into a single class)
Gentle Fist Adept (monk-like, light psionics)
Kekkaishi (concept class, incomplete)
Magic weapons with class levels (my cohort is a Sword 5/Staff 2/Sorcerer 1)
Rebuilt Pyrokineticist (a fire-based class that threatens to be overpowered? Madness!)
Shapeshifter: Build your own body (With PrCs. Shifter jump! Shifter kick!)
Shaman (hybrid soul binder/divine caster that can bind cleric domains)
Dragonfire warlock (another straight mashup, this time of warlock and DFA)
Spellshaper (concept class)
Mage (blastin' all night long)
New NPC classes (Awakened is psionic, Soldier is ToB...)
Summoner (goes with the warmage-style wizard below)
Ripple Master (the next thing you're going to say is "Wait, a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure class?")
Sublime Warmage

3.5e Class Fixes
Compressed monk (for E6, E8 and regular games)
Fighter upgrade (Tanks for the help)
A class fit for a hero (Paladin rewrite)
Happy birthday to the soulborn
Monk fighting styles inspired by real martial arts (incomplete)
Jack Attack! (Fighter rewrite inspired by Jack Rakan)
Pathfinder ArtificerPF
Spellbooks as you've never seen them before
Wizard, beguiler/warmage style
Cleric, likewise
Leader of men (fighter rewrite based on team play)

Prestige Classes

Psicrystal Master (Heroman, go!)
Swiftblade, psionic (straight adaptation, no abilities added)
Accursed (to binders as ur-priests are to clerics)
Disciple of Bigby (need a hand?)
Mender (shine on, you crazy diamond...)
Disciple of Rock (bard/warlock PrC)
Dread Shadow (dread champion/sublime rogue PrC)
Pegasus Knight (Fire Emblem)

Arcane Archer reworking
Sublime Eldritch Knight (simple!)
Reworked Metamind (simple!)
Wizard + Cleric (as psionic PrCs!)
Pathfinder fixesPF
Rage ProphetPF
Acolyte of the Skin

Monster Classes

Cloaker/Cloaker Lord
Sarrukh (yes, that sarrukh)
Undying Soldier/Undying Councilor/Ascendant Councilor

Alternate Class Features + Archetypes

Extra alchemist optionsPF (Mad Bomber archetype)
Extra summoner optionsPF (Blooded Summoner + Eidolon Master archetypes, Weapon eidolons)
Unique Bloodline (sorcerer)PF
WarlockPF (sorcerer archetype)


Feats that can count as other feats
Enchant Broom (for spellcasters who feel insufficiently witchy)
Arcane Fury (spellcaster/barbarian multiclassing feat)
Mode Lock [Flaw] (ever wanted to play an animal, not just a druid?)
Monkey Grip [Fighter] (fix to the existing feat)
Feral Stance [Shifter]
Wizards with fighter mechanics (anyone can cast spells by taking feats)
Smart Aim ("Guys, duck!")
Reserve feat support
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