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Re: Prime32's thread of stuff
« Topic Start: November 12, 2011, 09:04:11 PM »
Quote from: Agita
Exactly, when Prime isn't chugging Bailey's with Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill, he's a lean mean avatar-making machine. And in his free time, he probably saves the world or something. :D
My mind has been blown by your ingenuity.
Quote from: oslecamo
Quote from: Prime32
The first rule here is "don't be a douche";
Listen to this words carefully, in particular because they come from a person that has actually sticked for them. I've never seen Prime32 being a douch in the net. Not saying he's the only other poster in the net I respect, but Prime32 has basically a saint-like immunity to provocations. He may choose not to reply to offensive/troll comments, but he's never been a douche towards others, and always seeks to keep discussions civil/funny. I strive to be as good as a poster as him every time I post, altough I still fall into douchery here and there.

Seeing Prime32 forced to use red text kinda pains me actually, but it goes to show he's trying to stop a flame spiral. :(

Quote from: Ganurath
Prime32, you are officially worthy of the visage of awesome that is Kamina. Well done!
Quote from: Hollow Zaraki

You are a god.
Quote from: The Vorpal Tribble
Livewood warforged with a dryad inside is like the coolest idea ever.
Quote from: horngeek
Prime, you just won the internet. 

Again.  How do you manage to be so awesome?
Quote from: Lord of Rapture
I wish there were more people like you in the world. :(
Quote from: Callos_DeTerran
*gives a friendly pat on the shoulder* Lets explore that train of thought, shall we? :smirk You want to harm one of our few translators, the guy who set up the wiki and puts the most effort into keeping it up-to-date, and does rather good avatars/drawings of characters on request when he's able to do so. Now...this isn't counting the fact that he's a fine fellow and generally well-liked.

Now...lets imagine you do what your propose, what do you think happens then? :smirk :p
Quote from: darkblade
Get out of my head. Out, you're learning all my plans as fast as I make them. It's getting a bit frightening.
Quote from: Terraoblivion
Curse you, Prime. Stop tempting me to switch avatar again!
Quote from: true_shinken
Prime32, you are my PRINCE, you are my GOD
but it's so complicated
you're my HERO, you are my IDOL!
...well, enough Shonen Knife. Thanks for pointing that out.
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