What is a good number of gods for a setting?

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Author Topic: What is a good number of gods for a setting?  (Read 4104 times)

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Haha :-)
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i say one actual, plus a bunch of posers.
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i say one actual, plus a bunch of posers.
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I ended up going with exactly seven, because it suited what I was looking for and gave me coverage of the major areas of D&D theology as well. It also allowed me to have a war amongst the gods to set up much of the background of the setting, and a lot of the larger scale conflicts.

As for worship, all sources of magical power in the setting tie directly to the gods, so people and cultures always have a primary deity, but most cultures are at least somewhat open in terms of who else they worship, since its well known all the gods exist. So far, it seems to work fairly well, and doesn't suffer from the "thousand overlapping deities" problem of FR.