Do you find this a good fix?

Nice. This needs to be used for that arena PbP I'm in. Otherwise, I've got some easy feats to get...
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It's about the same to me, flavorful maybe. Use it if you want.
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This is just bad. I wouldn't want this in a campaign where I was a player or DM.
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Author Topic: Fixing Lycanthrope Savage Progressions  (Read 534 times)

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Fixing Lycanthrope Savage Progressions
« Topic Start: August 16, 2015, 03:22:53 PM »
High HD animals give all of their feats during the LA and none of their stat mods. This creates asymmetries  where you get lots of bonus feats through LA rather than class/racial HD.

I propose the animal's regular feats get added as bonus feats during the RHD option of the savage progression. Instead one of the stat modifiers go into the LA side, as well as the size. This avoids the "Run it's a wereboar! Oh, nevermind it's medium-sized, like a baby or something..."

The stat that migrates to the animal RHD should be the highest physical one. We assume that the lowest physical stat has had all the HD stat boosts applied to it. Without the RHD, the lycanthrope doesn't have these. Therefore the lowest physical stat should take a HD/4 penalty to it. These penalties should be reversed as bonii during the RHD.

The smaller two physical stats are available through the LA (including the penalty to the smallest physical stat).

Rebalanced Example:
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So does this help? Or do you love those Legendary Tiger feats too much?