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Hey, Hi, Hello!
« Topic Start: December 29, 2015, 04:41:53 AM »
-Your name: Maciek. In most places, you can find me under nickname Kyioku. Yes, I know that in Japanese, there is no "i" between "y" and "o", but I was 8 and I really liked anime. Besides, my older brother came up with it, I just stole it from him, so I blame him.
-Your favorite games: Final Fantasy franchise (Not all of them though; now that I'm slightly older than 6-14, I see lots of flaws there, but jRPGs don't need your sense, they are fine the way they are), Grandia, Metal Gear Solid and Dungeons & Dragons (duh!).
-Your non gaming hobbies: What? No, no, of course I don't spend all my time in front of the computer. I'm often playing on my phone Sometimes I pet my cats and also my wife likes attention. Ok, I'm a one dimensional person addicted to computer. I read books from time to time, if my time isn't devoured by video games and youtube or D&D character planning (I probably won't have opportunity to play a PnP version of the game, so it seems to be a waste of time).
-Where you live: Poland, Koszalin. It's sort of a backwater town with +/- 120 000 citizens, but after living in bigger cities (this one depends on point of view), I know how to appreciate small towns.
-What other communities you belong to meetups, message boards etc: I'm not really active elsewhere. Used to, but it's hard to find a really magical place full of fun things these days.
-Your twitter, facebook or G+ handle: - Facebook is pretty much all I use, if I use it at all. I'm visiting it often, but I hardly ever post anything, so it's rather a chat service for me than anything else. Most posts are from my wife, who gets tired of my old profile photos and my co-workers, because the funniest thing the developer can do is to express your hypothetical (is that how you write it...?) affection towards pies.

Am I a "tryhard" I've I spent a lot of time on this post?