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Level   Bab   Fort   Ref   Will   Feature
1   +0    + 0   +0    +0    Thri-Kreen body, poison, Kreen mind
Skills:2+int modifier, no class skills

Proficiencies: Simple weapons and it's own natural attacks.

Thri-Kreen body:The thri-Kreen loses all other racial bonus and gains monstrous humanoid traits(basically dark vision 60 feet), It is a monstrous humanoid with base speed 40. It has four arms with claws (dealing 1d4+Str each) and a bite attack(1d4+1/2 str modifier). A thri-kreen full attacking may use all claws at full Bab and bite at -5 or one manufactured weapon at full Bab and all remaining claws and bite at -5.

A thri-kreen gains a  racial bonus on jump checks equal to 10+HD.

Poison:Delivered by bite attack, only one per day for every 5HD it has. Fort DC 10+1/2 HD+Con mod. Initial damage 1d4 Dex, secondary damage paralysis for 1 round/HD of the thri-Kreen. The dex damage increases 1 die size every 5HD.

Kreen mind: It can use chameleon, know direction and location, greater concealing amorpha, metaphysical claw as Psionic Like Abilities 1/day for every 5HD. Manifester level equal to HD.

In addition, a thri-kreen gains a bonus against sleep effects equal to it's HD.

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