Author Topic: [3.5] Fighter upgrade (base class)  (Read 1435 times)

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[3.5] Fighter upgrade (base class)
« Topic Start: November 05, 2011, 10:29:48 PM »
I suggested this in another thread, and am expanding on it here. The idea is to make fighters better at tanking, while allowing monks, rogues, and similar types to slip past them more easily than others.

Quote from: Other suggested house rules
AoOs are based on Int, you do not need Combat Reflexes to make more than one per round.

Add your BAB to all damage rolls, capped at your CR.

HD: d12

BAB: Full
Saves: Fort good, Ref poor, Will poor
Class skills (4+Int): Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Iaijutsu Focus, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (architecture and engineering, geography, history), Listen, Perform (weapons drill), Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim.

1    Bonus feat, Find weakness
2    Restrict movement, DR 1/-
3    Bonus feat, Guardian
4    Disrupt (move action), Improved reaction +1
5    Bonus feat, Protect (5ft, 25%)
6    Divert (move action), DR 3/-
7    Bonus feat, Extended reach +5ft
8    Disrupt (swift action), Improved reaction +2
9    Bonus feat, Protect (10ft)
10   Divert (swift action), DR 6/-
11   Bonus feat, Protect (50%)
12   Mass disrupt (move action), Improved reaction +3
13   Bonus feat, Extended reach +10ft
14   Mass divert (move action), DR 10/-
15   Bonus feat, Protect (15ft)
16   Mass disrupt (swift action), Improved reaction +4
17   Bonus feat, Protect (75%)
18   Mass divert (swift action), DR 15/-
19   Bonus feat, Extended reach +15ft
20   Mass disrupt (double), Improved reaction +5

Bonus Feats: At every odd class level, a fighter receives a bonus [Fighter] feat. He must meet the prerequisites for this feat as normal. A fighter may change his fighter bonus feats with 1 hour of training; this does not allow him to change the feats he gains from any other source. By expending 1 action point, a fighter may do this as a full-round action.

Find Weakness (Ex): Fighters learn to recognise new abilities and adapt to them. A fighter can make skill checks to identify spells, creatures, etc. as if he had a number of ranks in the relevant skill equal to his fighter level +3. A fighter can only learn information on his target's game stats with this ability - for instance, when identifying a troll he could learn of its regeneration and how to overcome it, but not that it is called a troll or how common trolls are in the area. However, if he has ranks in the relevant skill he can still learn this information with a normal check.

Damage Reduction (Ex): A fighter gains damage reduction at the levels indicated on the table above.

Restrict Movement (Ex): At 2nd level a fighter excels in controlling the battlefield. Any enemy to whom he has line of sight and line of effect must spend the first 10ft of its movement each round moving towards the fighter (Reflex half, DC = 10 + half your character level + your Int modifier). This ability improves by +5ft at every additional fighter level. For every point of Charisma bonus you may treat your position as 5ft away from your actual position for the purposes of this ability. If another fighter with this ability is in range, you may choose to reduce the range of his Restrict Movement by that of your own. This ability does not function while the fighter is flat-footed or helpless, and he may choose not to use this ability or to use it below full strength. You may count levels in dwarven defender as fighter levels for determining the strength of this ability.

Guardian (Ex): At 3rd level, any ally adjacent to the fighter may use the fighter's AC and saving throws in place of its own if better. Whenever it would make a Tumble check it can choose for the fighter to make a Tumble check instead and use his result in place of its own.

Disrupt (Ex): At 4th level a fighter can manipulate the battlefield as a move action so that one enemy must spend their next action on a move action made to move their speed. There is no saving throw to negate this effect, and their movement is subject to Restrict Movement as normal. At 8th level the fighter can use this ability as a swift action. At 12th level he may take a move action to affect a number of enemies equal to his Int modifier; at 16th level this can also be used as a swift action. At 20th level he may affect the enemies' next 2 actions.

Improved Reaction (Ex): A fighter receives a +1 bonus on initiative checks for every four class levels.

Protect (Ex): At 5th level a fighter can interpose himself between his allies and attacks. A number of times per round equal to his Int modifier, whenever an adjacent ally takes damage 25% is transferred to him (before applying DR, energy resistance, etc.).
At 9th level the range of this ability improves to 10ft.
At 11th level he may absorb 50% of the damage.
At 15th level the range of this ability improves to 15ft.
At 17th level he may absorb 75% of the damage.

Divert (Ex): At 6th level a fighter can force one enemy to target him exclusively with its attacks and offensive abilities as a move action; in the case of area effects the fighter must be included in the area. Abilities which target the user are unaffected. This effect can be negated by a Will save (DC = 10 + half your fighter level + your Cha modifier) and lasts for 1 round. At 10th level the fighter can use this ability as a swift action. At 14th level he may take a move action to affect a number of enemies equal to his Int modifier; at 18th level this can also be used as a swift action.

Extended Reach (Ex): At 7th level the fighter's reach increases by +5ft, and an additional +5ft at every 6th level thereafter (13th, 19th). If the fighter is wielding a weapon which does not normally threaten squares (such as a whip or a longbow), he now threatens a range equal to the range increase and may make attacks of opportunity with that weapon.