Author Topic: [3.5] Jack attack!  (Read 1841 times)

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[3.5] Jack attack!
« Topic Start: November 05, 2011, 10:34:09 PM »
From "What would it take to make the Fighter a Tier 3 class?"
High-tier fighter = Jack Rakan.

Is this an acceptable goal?
And so, an attempt at Jack-esque abilities. Don't take this as a finished work.

HD: d12
BAB: Good
Saves: All good
Class Skills (4+Int): All of them
1    Analyse, Hey let me try that, Inner strength, Spell resistance, Weapon affinity
2    Bonus feat, Rapid recovery (12 hours)
3    Ability bonus, Forged by experience, Hard as stone 1
4    Bonus feat, Larger than life (Large), Natural armor +1
5    Ability bonus, Fortification of legend 25%, Rapid recovery (6 hours)
6    Bonus feat, Hard as stone 3, Shatter magic
7    Ability bonus, Natural armor +2
8    Bonus feat, Rapid recovery (3 hours)
9    Ability bonus, Hard as stone 6, Larger than life (Huge)
10   Bonus feat, Fortification of legend 50%, Natural armor +3
11   Ability bonus, Analyse (take 10), Rapid recovery (1 hour)
12   Bonus feat, Hard as stone 10, Shatter magic (channel)
13   Ability bonus, Natural armor +4
14   Bonus feat, Larger than life (Gargantuan), Rapid recovery (10 minutes)
15   Ability bonus, Fortification of legend 75%, Hard as stone 15
16   Bonus feat, Mastery, Natural armor +5
17   Ability bonus, Rapid recovery (1 minute)
18   Bonus feat, Hard as stone 21, Shatter magic (disjunction)
19   Ability bonus, Larger than life (Colossal), Natural armor +6
20   Bonus feat, Fortification of legend 100%, Rapid recovery (1 round)

Analyse (Ex): Fighters learn to recognise new abilities and adapt to them. A fighter can make skill checks to identify spells, creatures, etc. as if he had a number of ranks in the relevant skill equal to his fighter level +3. A fighter can only learn information on his target's game stats with this ability - for instance, when identifying a troll he could learn of its regeneration and how to overcome it, but not that it is called a troll or how common trolls are in the area. However, if he has ranks in the relevant skill he can still learn this information with a normal check.
At 11th level he may take 10 on this check, even if stress and distractions would normally prevent him from doing so.

Hey, Let Me Try That (Ex): If a fighter succeeds on a check to identify a special attack, he gains the ability to use it himself. A fighter cannot copy a collection of abilities like Spellcasting - one spell is copied with each use of this ability. Likewise, he may not copy special attacks from creatures with CRs higher than his fighter level (though he may able to use a weaker version, see below), or those relying on anatomy he does not possess.

Extraordinary abilities can be used normally. In the case of spell-like and supernatural abilities he must pay power points equal to the level at which the special attack was gained by the subject (or the subject's CR in the case of racial abilities). The fighter may augment abilities as if manifesting a power - for every 2 additional pp spent, the DC increases by +1. If he copies an actual psionic power, he may manifest it normally as a wilder. His manifester level is equal to his fighter level, which caps the number of pp he may spend for any use of this ability.

The save DC is based on his own HD and statistics rather than the subject's, and size-based attacks affect targets of the same size relative to the fighter (eg. a Colossal subject with an attack which affects Gargantuan and smaller creatures would grant a Medium fighter the ability to affect Small and smaller creatures). If the effect would normally be continuous (such as a damaging aura), it requires a swift action to activate for 1 round.

The fighter may permanently retain a number of special attacks equal to his Int modifier, and forgets excess abilities after one minute.

Inner Strength: A fighter has power points per day as a psychic warrior of his fighter level, but does not gain the ability to manifest powers.

Weapon Affinity (Ex): The saving DC of any effect created by magic weapons wielded by the fighter becomes (10 + half his fighter level + his Cha mod) if it is higher than the standard DC. Effects which duplicate spells have a caster level equal to his fighter level if that is higher than normal (recalculate damage, duration, etc. as appropriate). Increase the enhancement bonus of any weapon wielded by a fighter by 1; he may treat nonmagical weapons as +1 weapons.

Spell Resistance (Ex): A fighter gains Spell Resistance equal to 11 + his fighter level, using these alternate rules.

Bonus Feat: At every even level, a fighter gains one fighter feat for which he meets the prerequisites as a bonus feat.

Rapid Recovery (Ex): At 2nd level, a fighter gains the benefits of 24 hours of rest in 12 hours. As he gains levels this ability improves, as shown above. This does not restore uses of daily abilities, or affect the amount of time required to prepare spells.

Ability Bonus: At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, a fighter increases one of his physical ability scores by 1.

Forged by Experience (Ex): At 3rd level, a fighter can enchant parts of his body as magic items, as if he had the relevant item creation feat and a caster level equal to his class level. A fighter cannot emulate an item creation feat with a caster level requirement higher than his class level, or create an item with a limited number of uses. These items take up body slots as normal (but see below). A fighter may dismantle an "item" created in this manner in half the time it took to create it, regaining the expended gp and freeing up the slot once more.
A fighter may treat his unarmed strike as a manufactured weapon and his skin as a suit of armor for the purposes of this ability, and their enchantments overlap with those of any magic weapons or armor he uses (i.e. a fighter with a +1 flaming unarmed strike wielding a +2 weapon would treat it as a +2 flaming weapon).

Hard as Stone (Ex): A fighter gains hardness 1 at 3rd level. At 6th level this hardness increases by 2, at 9th level it increases by 3, and so on. This stacks with any damage reduction he may possess.

Larger than Life (Ex): At 4th level a fighter may treat himself as one size category larger than normal whenever this would be a benefit (including carrying capacity, bonuses on grapple checks, and which weapons he can wield). At every fifth level thereafter he may treat himself as another size category larger.

Natural Armor: At 4th level and every third level thereafter, a fighter gains a +1 bonus to natural armor, or his existing natural armor bonus increases by 1.

Fortification of Legend (Ex): At 5th level, whenever a fighter is targeted by an effect which would have a reduced effect on objects or none at all (such as a critical hit or mind-affecting effect) there is a 25% chance that the effect is resolved as if the fighter were an object. This chance increases by 25% at every 5th level thereafter. The fighter still benefits from positive effects (like bardic knowledge) as normal.

Shatter Magic (Ex): At 6th level, a fighter can create a nonmagical greater dispel magic effect at will (caster level equals his fighter level). Only the targeted dispel option may be replicated, and the range of the effect is reduced to touch; this ability may, however, be used to counterspell. At 12th level this effect is channeled by each of the fighter's attacks, and he may choose to resolve the dispel before or after the attack; in addition he may make a counterspell in place of an attack of opportunity. At 18th level he may instead choose to replicate a Mordenkainen's disjunction effect centred on himself, except that he is immune to the effect.

Mastery (Ex): At 16th level a fighter's experience has grown so much that may take 10 on any d20 roll, even if stress and distractions would normally prevent him from doing so.

Epic Fighter
Weapon Affinity (Ex): At 21st level and every 10th level thereafter, the enhancement bonus of any weapon wielded by the fighter increases by an additional +1.

Rapid Recovery (Ex): At 23rd level the fighter can use this ability as a standard action. This improves to a move action at 26th level, a swift action at 29th level, and a free action once per round at 32nd level. At 35th level this ability instead grants the benefits of two days of rest, +1 day for every 3 levels thereafter.

Forged by Experience (Ex): At 21st level and higher the fighter may use this ability to emulate epic item creation feats.

Fortification of Legend (Ex): This ability's chance of activating continues to increase by 25% at 25th level and every 5th level thereafter, even beyond 100% - if an enemy could somehow ignore or disable the ability, reduce this chance by -100%.

Shatter Magic (Ex): A fighter of 21st level or higher ignores the normal cap on greater dispel magic for the purposes of this ability.

Heavy Weapons
A weapon can be crafted with exotic materials of enormous weight, for use by the mightiest warriors.
Such a weapon appears to be normally sized, but deals damage as one or more sizes heavier and has the price and weight of a normal weapon of that size. Such a weapon is treated as its actual size or its effective size, whichever is worse, for determining whether a character can wield it. A character with Powerful Build or a similar ability which lets him count as both the weapon's sizes at once can wield the weapon without penalty.