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[PF] Unique Bloodline
« Topic Start: November 05, 2011, 11:04:27 PM »
Unique Bloodline
The blood of many beings flows through your veins, but none are strong enough to grant power on their own. Or perhaps your powers were induced artificially. Whatever the case, your spells do not seem to follow any identifiable pattern.

Class Skill: None

Bonus Spells: A unique bloodline sorcerer may choose any spells on the wizard/sorcerer list as bonus spells. The spell gained at lv3 must be 1st-level, with the maximum level increasing by 1 at every two levels thereafter. This flexibility comes at a cost - you may cast one fewer spell of each level per day.

Bonus Feats: Expanded Arcana, Extra Cantrips or Orisons

Bloodline Arcana: The DC of Spellcraft checks made to identify your spells is increased by +2.

Bloodline Powers:
  • Extra Cantrips: At 1st level you learn two additional sorcerer cantrips, as if you had selected the Extra Cantrips or Orisons feat. Alternatively, you may learn one cantrip or orison from any list.
  • Confusing Structure (Su): At 3rd level the DC of checks made to dispel your spells increases by +2.
  • Spell Recall (Su): At 9th level you gain an Arcane Pool as a magus, containing a number of points equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level plus your Charisma modifier. If you already have an Arcane Pool from another source, your levels in both classes stack (if you gain this ability through the Eldritch Heritage feat chain, the size of your arcane pool instead increases by +2) and you may use your Charisma modifier in place of the normal ability modifier to determine its size. As a swift action, you may regain one sorcerer spell slot you have expended for the day by spending a number of points equal to the spell's level. You do not gain any other uses for your arcane pool, such as weapon enhancement.
  • Exotic Magic: At 15th level you add one spell from any spell list to your spells known. Whenever you gain another level of sorcerer you may change the spell granted by this ability.
  • Unlimited Potential (Su): At 20th level as a swift action you may gain knowledge of any sorcerer spell for 1 round by expending a number of points from your arcane pool equal to the spell level +1.