Author Topic: [3.5] Fixed lycanthrope template  (Read 2589 times)

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[3.5] Fixed lycanthrope template
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 09:30:40 AM »
"Lycanthrope" is a template that can be added to any humanoid, monstrous humanoid or giant (referred to hereafter as the base creature). Becoming a lycanthrope is very much like multiclassing as a magical beast and gaining the appropriate Hit Dice.

Size and Type: The base creature's type does not change, but the creature gains the shapechanger subtype. The lycanthrope takes on the characteristics of one animal (referred to hereafter as the base animal). This animal can be any animal whose size is within one size category of the base creature's size (Small, Medium, or Large for a Medium base creature). A lycanthrope uses the base creature's statistics and special abilities in addition to those described here.

Hit Dice: The base creature gains a number of magical beast Hit Dice equal to the Hit Dice of the base animal (minimum 1). E.g. a 4th-level rogue who became a werewolf would gain 2 HD, becoming a level 6 character. Magical beast HD grant d10 hp, good Fort and Ref saves, and good BAB, but no class features.

Armor Class: The base creature's natural armor bonus increases by +2 in all forms.

Special Qualities: A lycanthrope retains all the special qualities of the base creature, and also gains those described below.

Alternate Form (Su): A lycanthrope can assume the form of the base animal. Changing to or from animal form is a standard action. When in animal form, a lycanthrope adds the physical ability score modifiers of the base animal to his own, and gains all special attacks and special qualities of the base animal. This otherwise functions as the Alternate Form ability. A slain lycanthrope reverts to its humanoid form, although it remains dead. Separated body parts retain their animal form, however.

Damage Reduction (Ex): A lycanthrope in animal form has DR 1/silver per Hit Die of the base animal (stacking with any DR/silver he may already have). He also gains DR 1/magic in all forms. This allows his natural weapons to overcome damage reduction as if they were magic and silver weapons.

Lycanthropic Empathy (Ex): In any form, lycanthropes can communicate and empathize with normal or dire animals of their animal form. This gives them a +4 racial bonus on checks when influencing the animal's attitude and allows the communication of simple concepts and (if the animal is friendly) commands, such as "friend," "foe," "flee," and "attack."

Low-Light Vision (Ex): A lycanthrope has low-light vision in any form.

Abilities: +2 Wisdom.

Skills: Any skill given in the base animal's description is a class skill for the lycanthrope's magical beast levels. In any form, a lycanthrope also has any racial skill bonuses of the base creature and of the base animal, although conditional skill bonuses only apply in the associated form.

Feats: A lycanthrope gains additional feats from his magical beast Hit Die, and any bonus feats the base animal possessed. In addition, he qualifies for [Shifter] feats as if he were a shifter. He is treated as having all shifter traits for the purposes of prerequisites, with his animal form (and hybrid form, if he has racial paragon levels) taking the place of shifting. Note, though, that he may not be able to use all shifter feats depending on his form (such as a werewolf with a feat which improves fly speed).

Level Adjustment: +0

Lycanthrope Paragon
Hit Die: d8
BAB: Average
Saves: Fort good, Ref good, Will poor
Class Skills (2+Int): Climb, Control Shape, Craft, Handle Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Spot, Survival, Swim

1Hybrid Form, Improved Damage Reduction
2Improved Hybrid Form, Rapid Change
3Perfect Hybrid Form

Improved Damage Reduction (Ex): A lycanthrope paragon's DR/silver increases by 1 for each level of this class.

Hybrid Form (Su): A lycanthrope paragon may enter hybrid form instead of animal form. In this form he gains the ability score increases and damage reduction of his animal form. He also gains the natural weapons of his animal form, their damage adjusted for size if necessary (if he already has any natural weapon of the types granted, use the better of the two). A lycanthrope in hybrid form cannot speak properly, preventing him from casting spells with verbal components. Apart from a more bestial appearance, this form is otherwise identical to his normal form.

Improved Hybrid Form (Su): At 2nd level, a lycanthrope paragon's hybrid form improves. He now uses the better of his normal form or animal forms' natural armor bonuses, and may choose to use his animal form's size if it is larger than his normal form (this choice is made whenever he enters hybrid form, and does not affect his ability scores). He may also speak in hybrid form.

Rapid Change (Su): At 2nd level, a lycanthrope paragon may enter animal or hybrid form as a move action rather than a standard action.

Perfect Hybrid Form (Su): At 3rd level, a lycanthrope paragon gains all special attacks and special qualities of his animal form when he enters hybrid form. He may speak in either hybrid or animal forms.

New Feats
Ghost Strike [Racial]
Prerequisites: Lycanthrope
Benefit: While in animal or hybrid form, your natural weapons gain the ghost touch special quality.
Special: You may treat this feat as a [Shifter] feat for the purposes of prerequisites.
Hybrid Movement [Racial]
Prerequisites: Lycanthrope, hybrid form
Benefit: While in hybrid form, you gain the movement modes of your animal form.
Special: You may treat this feat as a [Shifter] feat for the purposes of prerequisites.
Respiratory Shift [Racial]
Prerequisites: Lycanthrope
Benefit: You are capable of breathing in any situation where one of your forms would be able to breathe (eg. a wereshark could breathe water in human form, and air in shark form). If one of your forms does not need to breathe, none of them do. You gain a +2 bonus on saves and checks which involve breathing (such as Constitution checks made to hold your breath, and Fort saves made to resist inhaled poisons).
Special: You may treat this feat as a [Shifter] feat for the purposes of prerequisites.
Shifting Subtlety [Racial]
Prerequisites: Lycanthrope
Benefit: Your natural form is almost indistinguishable from a normal member of your race (as is your hybrid form, if you possess one). You gain a +10 bonus on Disguise checks made to hide your nature as a lycanthrope.
Special: You may treat this feat as a [Shifter] feat for the purposes of prerequisites.