Author Topic: [3.5] New warlock invocations  (Read 3183 times)

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[3.5] New warlock invocations
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 09:40:48 AM »
I'll open with some oldies included with the warlock rewrite I did a while back. There's also some new ones which I'd like feedback on.

Arcane Gift (Least; 1st): Choose 4 sorcerer cantrips. You may cast those cantrips at will as a 1st-level sorcerer for 24 hours.
Power Blast (Least; 1st; Eldritch Essence): Your eldritch blast's damage dice increase by 1 size.
Bladewind (Lesser; 3rd; Blast Shape): Make a melee touch attack with your eldritch blast against every opponent within reach.
Greater Power Blast (Greater; 5th; Eldritch Essence): Your eldritch blast's damage dice increase by 2 sizes.

Eldritch Rush (Dark; 7th; Blast Shape)
As a full-round action you move up to double your speed in a straight line; any square you pass through as part of this movement is affected by your eldritch blast. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for exiting threatened squares or entering a creature's space as part of this movement. You may not affect the same creature more than once per use, even if you manage to pass through its space multiple times. This movement is similar to a charge, and abilities which modify your movement during a charge (such as the Psionic Charge feat) may be applied to the movement of this invocation; you are also vulnerable to abilities which can counter charges (such as the Hold the Line feat). While using this invocation and until the start of your next turn, any creature who strikes you with a melee attack takes damage equal to your eldritch blast damage.

Eldritch Orb (Lesser; 3rd; Blast Shape)
An eldritch blast affected by this invocation condenses into a small orb which floats about you like an ioun stone for 24 hours before dissipating. The warlock may have a total number of orbs in existence at one time equal to his caster level; if he wishes he may cause multiple smaller orbs to take the appearance of a single larger one, but this has no mechanical effect. You may not use this blast shape in conjunction with an eldritch blast with a casting time greater than 1 standard action. If you have already cast this invocation on this turn, you may cast it a second time as a move action and a third time as a swift action. (i.e. a warlock using all his actions for the round could create 3 orbs)
As a full-round action, the warlock may release the contents of up to 1 orb, +1 per 6 caster levels (round down), resolving as if they had just been cast one after the other. All eldritch blasts must be released against the same target, and take a -2 penalty to the attack roll.

Hyper Blast (Dark; 9th; Eldritch Essence/Blast Shape)
This invocation may be applied to your eldritch blast as either an eldritch essence or blast shape invocation, but not both at once. If your eldritch blast would require less than a full-round action to use, using it in combination with this invocation requires a full-round action. Otherwise, its casting time is doubled.
All damage dealt by an eldritch blast modified by this invocation is maximised, as the Maximise Spell-like Ability feat (if it would already be Maximised it is instead Empowered), and you get a +2 bonus to the attack roll if it has one. On your next turn after using this invocation you are staggered for 1 round.

Freezing Blast (Dark; 7th; Eldritch Essence)
This invocation functions as Hellrime Blast, except that any creatures who fails a Ref save is also encased in ice for 1d4+1 rounds (treat as stunned, except that it ignores immunity to stunning). While so frozen, attacks that deal bludgeoning or sonic damage ignore the target's damage reduction or energy resistance (but not immunity) respectively, but it also gains resistance to fire 20. At the start of every successive round, a trapped creature may attempt a Strength check as a free action in order to break free, at the DC of the initial Reflex save -1 for each round it has been held. The ice also melts if it takes fire damage equal to the damage dealt by your eldritch blast.
This invocation replaces Bind Blast.

Improved Eldritch Orb [General]
Prerequisites: Ability to use the eldritch orb invocation
Benefit: You no longer take a -2 penalty on attack rolls made with eldritch orbs. In addition, you may have an additional 4 orbs in existence at a time.

Improved Eldritch Rush [General]
Prerequisites: Ability to use the eldritch rush invocation
Benefit: Your speed in all movement modes is increased by +30ft while using eldritch rush.