Author Topic: [3.5] C-C-C-COMBO!!!  (Read 1717 times)

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[3.5] C-C-C-COMBO!!!
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 09:43:03 AM »
(Name pending)

HD: d10
BAB: Poor
Saves: Fort good, Ref good, Will poor

Bonus feats: A (name) gains a bonus feat from the fighter list at every odd level. He must meet the prerequisites as normal.

Maneuvers: A (name) gains maneuvers as a warblade of his class level +2. However, his initiator level is normally equal to half his class level (rounded down), and he may not use any maneuvers which a warblade of this level could not (this does not affect his ability to learn maneuvers). His maneuvers refresh automatically at the start of each round.

The (name) gains and uses stances as a warblade of his class level (their initiator level is not reduced).

Combo Points: Whenever a (name) successfully hits an opponent with an attack or damaging effect, he gains 2 combo points against them. If he misses, he gains 1 combo point. In the case of off-hand attacks, he instead gains 1 combo point if he hits and 0 if he misses. Whenever he dodges an attack or succeeds on a saving throw against a damaging effect, he gains 1 combo point against the attacker (he may only gain one point per attack). A (name) can make a special melee touch attack as a move action which deals no damage but can increase his points.

For each combo point, his effective BAB and initiator level against that opponent is increased by 1 (granting him access to more attacks and higher-level maneuvers). He may have a maximum number of combo points equal to 3 + half his class level (rounded down). If he has not gained any combo points against an enemy in one minute, he loses them. Combo points he has gained against one enemy do not grant him any bonuses against others.

Rush (Ex): As a standard action which provokes an attack of opportunity, a (name) may invigorate himself. He may increase his effective Combo Points for his next action by any amount up to his maximum capacity. This ability allows him to use high-level techniques while out of combat. If he is damaged or otherwise hindered while using Rush, he must make a Concentration check as if casting a spell (level = number of combo points gained), or the ability has no effect. He cannot expend these virtual Combo Points to fuel Combo Finish or a similar ability.

Combo Finish (Ex): Once per round, a (name) may expend combo points to gain a bonus action. He must use this action against the source of the combo points in some way. He retains the benefits of his increased BAB and IL until the end of the round.
Swift action: 3 points
Move action: 5 points
Standard action: 8 points
Full-round action: 13 points

Gain Action Points for 1 round: ? points per action point
Do not provoke AoOs from target for 1 round: ? points

Combo Mastery (Ex): At 20th level, a (name) reduces the point cost of any use of Combo Finish by 2.

New Feats
Rapid Rush [Fighter]
Prerequisites: Rush class feature, ?
Benefit: You may use the Rush class feature as a move action. It still provokes attacks of opportunity.
Normal: Rush requires a standard action to use.

Psychic Rush [Fighter, Psionic]
Prerequisites: Rush class feature
Benefit: When you use the Rush ability you may attempt to gain psionic focus. This does not require an additional action.

Delayed Strike [Fighter]
Your opponents are already dead
Prerequisites: Combo Finish class feature
Benefit: As an alternate use of Combo Finish, you may deal 2d6 points of damage to an opponent per (Combo Points expended -3). This is a purely mental action which functions at any distance, even across planes.

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Re: [3.5] C-C-C-COMBO!!!
« Reply #1: November 06, 2011, 09:44:07 AM »
Maybe a feat to treat your combo points as your ranks in Tumble?
What would you think of implementing the combo system for all classes in some way?

Replace spellcasting with psionics (maybe).
Give all classes maneuvers (let them choose two schools maybe?) and poor BAB. Cap the BAB/IL boost you can get from Combo Points at half what your BAB would normally be +3 (round down).
Halve your effective level for class features like sneak attack (ie. 20th-level rogue gets +5d6 sneak attack without CP) and caster level/manifester level. The boost you can get from CP is half your class level +3 (round down).

Rather fittingly, this could benefit monks since their flurry can rack up more CP faster (without the penalties for using off-hand attacks).

Added Soul Charge Rush to the class to help things like utility casters using this system. Which, interestingly, simulates the trope of only using incantations for your higher-level spells.

Anyone want to playtest this?
Hmm... these rules on "Overdrive Points" could prove interesting.