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Weapon Form
Transmutation [Polymorph]
Level: Clr 5, Wiz/Sor 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 minute/level (D)

Select one weapon when you learn this spell; clerics normally choose their deity's favoured weapon. When you cast this spell you transform into a weapon of that type, sized for a creature of your size category. You may change the weapon whenever you gain a character level. If an ally is adjacent to you when you cast this spell, he may grab and wield you as a free action. Enemies are not considered to be proficient with the weapon, regardless of shape.

In weapon form you become a Construct with no Str, Dex or Con scores, no movement modes, and hardness 10 (unless you already had greater hardness). Do not adjust your hp for your loss of a Con score. Determine your new size based on your size as a weapon, and apply size bonuses to AC as appropriate.
Weapon type
One-handedOne smaller
LightTwo smaller
You can see and hear as well as you could normally, and speak as if via a magic mouth spell, but apart from this can take no actions other than dismissing the spell.

Your weapon form has an enhancement bonus equal to your character level, which cannot be exchanged for enchantments. However, you gain enchantments with a total value of +1 per four character levels (or fixed-price enchantments of equivalent value); you may change the enchantments whenever you gain a character level. If your chosen weapon is a double weapon, both sides gain identical bonuses but the enhancement bonus is reduced by 1. If your natural weapons (or all your attacks) count as having an alignment or being made of a special material for the purposes of overcoming DR, your weapon form also counts as having an alignment or being made of that material.

Whenever your weapon form strikes a target, it is affected by a targeted greater dispel magic effect (caster level equals your normal caster level, or the caster level of this spell if cast from an item) before damage is calculated. In addition, the wielder may use this power to counterspell.