Author Topic: [3.5] Magic of the Rising Sun  (Read 1961 times)

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[3.5] Magic of the Rising Sun
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 09:47:23 AM »
Some random stuff. Thoughts?

Ofuda Casting [General]
Prerequisites: Scribe Scroll
You may add an ofuda (a Diminutive object with 1hp and hardness 1 per two caster levels) to a spell as an additional focus component (replacing the spell's divine focus, if it has one). As part of casting, you place or throw the ofuda to land on its target (or the centre of its area, in the case of an area spell).
Any non-instantaneous spell tied to an ofuda is Extended, as with the Extend Spell metamagic feat. However, such a spell ends immediately if the ofuda is damaged or disturbed (i.e. if you succeed on a touch attack against it). An ofuda placed on a living being or covered by clothing is automatically disturbed unless the target is immobilised (or the spell itself immobilises them). An ofuda is never disturbed by the effects of its own spell, unless the effect destroys the surface on which it is placed.
Special: If you are a prepared caster then you must choose whether to bind a spell to an ofuda as part of preparation, in which case you write the spell on the ofuda itself.
Special: If you possess the Persistent Spell metamagic feat, you may reduce the level cost of that feat applied to an ofuda-bound spell by 1 (minimum 1). Your spell is not also Extended in this case.

Ofuda Shaping [General]
Prerequisites: Ofuda Casting
Benefit: As part of the action of casting an ofuda-bound spell, you may place up to one additional ofuda per five caster levels. These affect the spell in one of the following ways, based on its area. You may combine these options if you wish, using some of your ofuda for each. None of these options allow a target to be affected by the same spell more than once, even if they would fall within multiple overlapping areas.
  • Wall: You use four ofuda to shape the wall into a hemisphere. One 10ft square becomes a 3ft-radius hemisphere, +1ft for each additional square. Creatures adjacent to or within the path of a non-instantaneous wall as it forms may attempt a Reflex save to move to the other side - this is in addition to any saving throws normally allowed by the wall, and a successful save does not negate any negative effects of contact with the wall. By using five ofuda you may instead create a sphere of equal radius. In either case the ofuda are placed at the four compass points and the top and/or bottom of the wall, and may be placed on the inside or outside surface as you wish. Removing any ofuda ends the spell.
  • Line or Wall: The line splits into a series of shorter lines which connect the ofuda (and you, if the spell must originate from you) in a manner chosen by you at the time of casting. The total length of these lines cannot exceed the original, and all lines must be connected to another line at at least one end. Moving an ofuda (or you, if the spell originates from you) ends the lines to which it is directly connected, but others remain unaffected. The ofuda may be placed on the inside or outside of the effect as you wish. Creatures can attempt Reflex saves to avoid being trapped by a non-instantaneous line or wall - see the Wall option above.
  • Any Area: The square containing the ofuda, as well as all adjacent squares, are considered to be within the area as long as the ofuda remains adjacent to or within the area.
  • Any: The spell is cast multiple times, once from each ofuda, with its caster level divided evenly between each instance (e.g. instead of a CL15 fireball you could cast three CL5 ones). You cannot use this ability if this would result in a caster level too low to cast the spell normally (the above caster could not create four fireballs since this would result in them having CL3, while as a 3rd-level spell fireball has a minimum CL of 5).
Special: You may choose to place only the original ofuda as part of casting, and place the others over the course of 1 minute. The spell comes into effect when all ofuda are in place.

Improved Ofuda Shaping [General]
Prerequisites: Ofuda Shaping
Benefit: Your options with the Ofuda Shaping feat improve in power.
  • Wall: The maximum radius of the sphere increases by 25%.
  • Line or Wall: The maximum length of the line or wall increases by 25%.
  • Any Area: The square containing the ofuda can be 5ft away from the edge of the area, rather than adjacent.
  • Any: The caster levels of the individual castings increase by 50%. (eg. a CL20 fireball could be split into two CL15 fireballs or five CL6 fireballs)

Spell Shikigami [Metamagic]
Prerequisites: Ofuda Casting
Benefit: You transform a spell into a living spell with an ofuda at its heart. A spell shikigami lasts indefinitely until it is dismissed or destroyed. However, as long as the shikigami is in existence you cannot regain the spell slot used to cast it. This is a Conjuration (summoning) effect, and follows the rules thereof. A spell shikigami uses up a spell slot ? levels higher than the spell's actual level.

The shikigami uses the stats for a living spell, with the following exceptions:
  • Its HD are equal to your caster level -4.
  • It takes the rough shape of a humanoid or animal, and does not gain the Engulf special attack.
  • It may be dispelled as a summoned creature.
  • If struck by a critical hit it is destroyed instantly.
You may create a shikigami of a Personal or targeted spell (such as disguise self). In this case it cannot deliver the spell via Spell Effect, but can cast the spell on itself as a standard action.
Special: You may include additional spells in a spell shikigami, as long as their level does not exceed that of the base spell. Increase the level of the spell slot required by one-half the sum of the levels of the additional spells (minimum 1). After casting the base spell, you must cast each additional spell in turn - they are absorbed into the shikigami instead of having their normal effect. You may afterwards regain the spell slots used to cast the additional spells as normal. If you are prevented from adding one of the additional spells, the spell shikigami fails to form.