Author Topic: [3.5] Twin Soul (new martial discipline)  (Read 2369 times)

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[3.5] Twin Soul (new martial discipline)
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 10:07:56 AM »
My attempt at getting a little further with some of the ideas for a companion-based discipline in the Martial Techniques from BlazBlue thread.
Another discipline that may interest you: Fox's Guile.

Twin Soul

Key Skill: Sense Motive
Preferred Weapons: All natural weapons (including unarmed strike)
Any character with a companion (see below) may choose to gain access to Twin Soul in place of one of their existing disciplines. If they gain a companion after lv1, they must retrain any maneuvers from the traded discipline for Twin Soul maneuvers of appropriate level.

For the purposes of these maneuvers, a "companion" is a familiar, animal companion, or other creature which shares a special bond with you (a cohort is not a companion, nor are the other members of your party). A dvati may designate his twin as a companion.

Any Twin Soul maneuver may be initiated by your companion instead of you. Switch any references to you and your companion (eg. your companion could initiate Take the Opening to attack an enemy you have struck). The manuever is expended as if you had used it yourself. A Twin Soul stance grants a benefit to both you and your companion, but both of you must spend a swift action to enter it (and your companion cannot normally use another stance at the same time); if your companion does not or cannot enter the stance then you cannot either.

New Feats
True Bond [General]
Benefit: Choose one creature other than yourself. That creature can treat you as a companion for the purposes of the Twin Soul discipline.
Special: When you gain this feat, you may lose access to one of your martial disciplines and gain Twin Soul in its place, as if you had gained a companion.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times, choosing a different creature each time.

Twin Soul Dodge [General]
Prerequisite: One Twin Soul maneuver
Benefit: While you are within one of your companion's threatened squares, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC. While your companion is within one of your threatened squares, they gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC. These benefits apply only while you are in a Twin Soul stance.
Special: This feat counts as Dodge for meeting prerequisites. You may have both this feat and Dodge.

Maneuver List

Level 1
  • Assist: Gain improved bonuses from Aid Another.
  • Speak without Words: Communicate soundlessly with your companion.
  • Team Feint: You expose an enemy to your companion's attack.
Level 2
  • Cross Charge (Boost): You and your companion assist each others' movement.
  • Improved Flanking (Stance): Gain greater benefits while flanking.
  • Shared Will (Counter): Use your Will save in place of your companion's.
  • Shared Expertise (Counter): Use your attack roll in place of your companion's.
Level 3
  • Regroup (Boost): Retreat towards your companion.
  • Shared Reflexes (Counter): Use your Ref save in place of your companion's.
  • One Heart for Another (Counter): Redirect an effect from your companion to yourself.
  • Shield Breaking Strike (Strike): Make a melee attack, your companion's attacks ignore the target's damage reduction and energy resistance for 1 round.
  • Strength of Two (Stance): You and your companion gain bonuses from proximity.
  • Take the Opening (Counter): Attack a target just struck by your ally.
  • Tempo Strike (Boost): Gain bonuses for performing the same action as your companion.
Level 4
  • Shared Fortitude (Counter): Use your Fort save in place of your companion's.
  • Mirrored Soul (Stance): Transform into your companion.
  • Ricochet (Boost): You can deflect your companion's attacks around corners.
  • Shared Style (Boost): Your companion can use one of your maneuvers.
Level 5
  • Giant Tripping Strike (Strike): Make a melee attack, your target is flat-footed against your companion's attacks for 1 round.
  • ?
  • ?
Level 6
  • Fastball Special (Strike): You hurl your companion at an enemy.
  • ?
  • ?
Level 7
  • Dragon Flaying Strike (Strike): Make a melee attack, your target is flat-footed against your companion's attacks and they ignore their damage reduction and energy resistance for 1 round.
  • Impromptu Partners (Boost): Treat a creature as your companion for 1 round.
  • Twin Strike (Strike): Perform a combined strike with your companion.
Level 8
  • Soul Conduit: You improve the power of your companion's spells and special attacks.
  • ?
Level 9
  • Twin Hurricane (Strike): Perform a combined charge with your companion.

Twin Soul Stance (Stance): Anything that affects you also affects your companion.
Twin Sight (Stance): You can see anything your companion can.
? (Counter): Use your AC in place of your companion's.
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Re: [3.5] Twin Soul (new martial discipline)
« Reply #1: November 06, 2011, 10:08:16 AM »
Maneuver Descriptions

1st-level Maneuvers
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2nd-level Maneuvers
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3rd-level Maneuvers
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4th-level Maneuvers
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5th-level Maneuvers
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6th-level Maneuvers
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7th-level Maneuvers
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8th-level Maneuvers
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9th-level Maneuvers
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Re: [3.5] Twin Soul (new martial discipline)
« Reply #2: November 06, 2011, 10:10:05 AM »
Maybe some of these ideas can work for you? Here are some other ideas.

- A boost that lets your companion initiate one of your maneuvers.
- A stance that shares the senses that you and your companion have.
- A stance/counter that splits the damage you and your companion take.
- A strike that grants combat bonuses for your companion (similar to Vanguard Strike and Leading the Attack).
- A strike that performs a coup de grace against a creature that is pinned/stunned/otherwise debilitated by your companion.
- A counter that lets your companion leap to your side and take a blow for you, or vice versa. May just provide defensive benefits rather than just absorbing a hit.
- A boost that removes negative effects form your companion.
- A strike that lets your companion attack/charge the target in addition to your attack, possibly also tripping/dazing/stunning for a round if both attacks hit.
Twin Soul Stance was going to be basically a limited affinity field which also affects your types (so your bear can benefit from an enlarge person cast on you, but you can't kill enemies by using yourself as a voodoo doll), while Twin Sight gives you the "hive mind defence" against becoming flat-footed and concealment.
More ideas:
  • A stance which replicates weapon form, but you can only be wielded by your companion.
  • A stance (or maybe a boost) which lets you and your companion wield a single weapon together, up to two size categories larger than the smaller of the two. Your Str modifiers are summed. Yes, this means you can use a ballista as a heavy crossbow.
  • A feat which, when taken by every member of a group, gives them a shared pool of Twin Soul maneuvers. Refreshing these maneuvers requires every member of the group to take simultaneous full-round actions posing as a team. :p