Author Topic: A character [D&D 3.5/Tome]  (Read 1725 times)

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A character [D&D 3.5/Tome]
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 10:37:32 AM »
Combining some ideas I had, with some Fullmetal Alchemist influence thrown in. Most likely a villain, and one which should confuse the hell out of players.

"Nyss d'Cannith"
NE Female personality Warforged Shapeshifter druid 5/Bone rider 5/Conduit of the lower planes 1
Feats: A Feast Unknown, Fairy Eater, Fey Heritage, Fey Legacy, Fey Skin, Leadership (all followers have Tome's LA +0 vampire template), Least Dragonmark of Making, Mounted Combat, Unarmoured Body
Flaws: Light Sensitivity, Love of Nature
Spheres: Death

Cohort/Mount: Cloak, Swarm-shifter (bat swarm) ghoulish cloaker Ghoul paragon 3 (CR 9)
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Deformity (tall), Hold the Line, Willing Deformity
Equipment: Cloak of Charisma, Improved pectoral of maneuverability, Ring of evasion

Kerold d'Cannith was once one of the most successful artificers House Cannith had ever known. And then his daughter Nyss died. He spared no expense finding clerical aid, but it could not restore her soul. And so, he turned to the only other method he could think of. Using notes surviving from the Last War, he managed to make a semi-functional replica of a warforged creation forge in a house he owned in a small town, with which he planned to "recreate" his daughter. However, his creations were crude, often having physical or mental defects, and his obsession was starting to affect his reputation.

Finally he decided that he could not restore his daughter with inanimate matter. He used the remainder of his fortune to accquire a livewood tree, which he shaped into Nyss's likeness. Such was his care and attention to detail that even the keenest eye would swear that his doll was a living girl. When he placed it within the adjusted forge he was overcome with joy, for she began to look around. From then on, Kerold spent nearly all his time with Nyss, "reminding" her of her life and being careful to hide her from the world with thick curtains. Still, on occasion she was spotted, and rumours began to spread of a strange girl who had seemingly returned from the dead, with strange influence over her father.

And then, one day, Kerold died. Nyss had suddenly cried out in anger and stabbed him. The reason why her creation was so perfect was because the vessel Kerold used had already contained a soul - a dryad who had entered a deep sleep for the winter. She had, for a brief moment, recalled some memories of her former life and the agony of the creation forge which caused her to lose them.

Now, "Nyss" had nowhere to go. Shocked at her own actions, she took on the mantle of "vampire" which the townspeople had called her and fled. Her returning druidic abilities helped her add to the illusion.

At some point she fought against a company from the Order of the Emerald Claw, who captured her and took her to their leader. Vol seemed oddly amused by the creature, and offered to let it work for her - it accepted, and Vol gifted her with an undead cloaker which serves as her cloak. However, what really interested Vol is that Nyss d'Cannith bore the Dragonmark of Making... and somehow, so does this Nyss d'Cannith...

The cloak uses its Engulf ability whenever Nyss would take damage, absorbing half of it, and releases her again when she wants to move. She can also use Mounted Combat to negate attacks against it. The cloak has 15ft reach and can make AoOs against charging opponents - its attacks also cause paralysis and disease. Once an opponent is paralysed it will consume them as a standard action with its Bone Rider abilities, killing them instantly and fully healing the cloak.

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Re: A character [D&D 3.5/Tome]
« Reply #1: November 06, 2011, 09:22:16 PM »
Hmm... didn't know. Thought I was the only one using the tomes. Nice build.
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Re: A character [D&D 3.5/Tome]
« Reply #2: November 07, 2011, 09:55:42 PM »
Hmm... didn't know. Thought I was the only one using the tomes. Nice build.
Psshh, crazy talk. I'm running two PbP games on here, one of which uses a lot of Tome material, and the other which is just getting restarted that uses only a few feats. In the first, I have a conduit, a tome assassin, and a tome monk. I've also used tome feats on the monsters, which certainly beefs them up considerably. Tome feats + martial adept dips + moderately high racial hit dice and low CR = nasty. ;D
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