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Statting Guyver
« Topic Start: November 06, 2011, 11:22:26 AM »
(1986 Op, 2005 Op, Wikipedia article)

SkarnMoI monk (cobra strike, decisive strike, racial substitution levels) 2/Psion (egoist) 8/Slayer (favoured enemy: zoanoids) 10
Feats: Carmendine MonkCoV, Expanded Knowledge (astral seed, control body, expansion, psionic fly), Leadership, MetapowerCP (twinned energy wave), Practiced Manifester (psion), Psicrystal Affinity, Psicrystal Containment, TashalatoraSoS (slayer), Twin Power
Powers: Adapt body, Astral seed, Control body, Energy ray, Energy wave, Fusion, Expansion, Persistent CorrespondHC, Psionic blast, Psionic disintegrate, Psionic fly, Restore extremity, Share pain, Synesthete, Touchsight, Vigor
Equipment: Monk's belt, Psychoactive skin of the hero, Torc of power preservation, Item of continuous vigor, Items of +6 Str/Int/Wis

High Frequency Swords: Arm spines
Hyper Sense: Synesthete, Touchsight
Sonic Buster: Energy ray (sonic), Psionic blast
Head Beam: Energy ray/Psicrystal's dissolving spittle
Gravity Control Sphere: Psionic fly, Psionic disintegrate
Mega-Smasher: (Twinned) Energy wave

Regeneration: Astral seed, restore extremity, item of vigor
Immunity to mind control: Slayer class features
Berserk: To represent the armour's ability to take control of the host's body when his brain is damaged, manifest control body on yourself when your hp is low, making your psicrystal the point of origin. This works best in games where the negative hitpoints range has been houseruled larger.

Guyver Gigantic: Use persistent correspond to contact chrysalis, which appears via psionic teleport. Manifest expansion to grow to Large size, then use fusion on chrysalis

Control Medal
Psicrystal 20
Feats: Bonus Essentia, Shape Soulmeld (dissolving spittle)

Cohort's psicrystal has identical stats (effective level is increased by psicrystal staff).

Chrysalis (cohort)
Half-minotaur water orc Barbarian (lion totem) 1/Psychic warrior 15/Cerebral ragerHC 1/LA +1
Feats: Aberrant Reach, Aberration Blood, Empower Power, Expanded Knowledge (psionic teleport), Greater Psionic Fist, Headlong Rush, Overchannel, Practiced Manifester (psychic warrior), Psicrystal Affinity, Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Fist, Psionic Meditation, Transcend LimitsHC
Powers: Burst, Hammer, Ectoplasmic cocoon, Psionic teleport
Equipment: Dorje of mass ectoplasmic cocoon, Necklace of +1 valorous natural attacks, Phoenix cloak, Shirt of CL19 giant size 1/day (53,200gp), Psicrystal staff (w/ setting stone of invigoration)HC shaped like a crown

Power Amps: Ectoplasmic cocoon/Mass ectoplasmic cocoon
Dual Head Beam: Both psicrystals use Dissolving spittle
Gravity Fist: Hammer + Greater Psionic Fist
Gravity Ram: Charge with Headlong Rush and attack with Greater Psionic Fist decisive strike, dealing quadruple normal damage.
Giga-Smasher: Transcend Limits + (Twinned) Energy wave

Gigantic Exceed: Activate shirt of giant size and setting stone of invigoration, then enter Cerebral rage
Gravity Implosion: Transcend Limits + Twinned Empowered Psionic Disintegrate (expend focuses of both psicrystals)

Astral seed just fits awesomely. Another trick would be to have the character perform a true mind switch with their psicrystal so that if that shiny thing on their forehead is destroyed the body dissolves (this would also remove the need for psionic fly, since the psicrystal-body can fly by itself).

EDIT: If you can use psychic reformation to add additional powers, you have room to take Azure Toughness, Troll-Blooded and Tireless to better represent the Guyver's regeneration.